I will design and build a battery to meet your needs.  The cost is about $6 per cell using the top quality Panasonic/Sanyo NCR 18650GA if spot welded or built with BatteryBlocs.  If you want the battery to be set up for a hobby charger or for a BMS that would be an additional charge.

Free consultation to determine what is best for you.  Call me at 941-882-0760 Eastern time or write me at shawn@batteryblocs.com

Consider your many options for a custom battery:

  1.  Any voltage or amperage.
  2. Battery can be split into two or more pieces for perfect placement.
  3. Battery can be spot welded or built with BatteryBlocs.
  4. Battery can be built with or without a BMS.
  5. Battery can be built to be charged with a hobby charger for greater control.  See my videos.
  6. Battery can be built to fit inside your current case.

Traditional spot welded batteries built too!


BMS on BatteryBlocs


The control of a good hobby charger.


BatteryBlocs wired with BMS’s.


A cell logger on my “Loop the USA” batteries. This is the battery I used when I rode my ebike around the USA. 10,000 miles in four months.

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I will be traveling from August 5th through August 23rd. You may place an order, but I will not be able to fill it until I return. You can still buy ebooks. I apologize for the inconvenience