Blocs are listed in the order of the number of cells connected in parallel. We start with the different 4P Blocs and work up to the 16P Bloc.   

Blocs are named by the number of cells in parallel and series.  A  10P-1S Bloc has all 10 cells connected in parallel and has 3.6 volts.  A 10P-1S bloc made from 3400mah cells would have 34 amp hours and 3.6 volts.

A 5P-2S Bloc has the same 10 cells but there are two parallel groups of 5 cells each.   The amp hours are halved but the voltage is doubled over the 10P-1S Bloc.  This Bloc made with 3400mah cells would have 17 amp hours at 7 volts.  Both Blocs, because they have the same number of cells, have the same amount of power or watt hours.

The 4P-4S Bloc holds 16 cells.  Four cells are connected in parallel, 4P, and those four parallel groups are connected in series 4S, for a nominal 12 volts.  So this Bloc made from 3400mah cells would have 12 volts and 13.6 amp hours.  (3400mah x 4 = 13.6 amp hours)

Blocs are connected together to multiply amperage or voltage.  For example, to make a 36 volt battery pack, you need ten Blocs  connected in series(10×3.6volts=36).  You could connect ten 1S Blocs or five 2S Blocs.  The BatteryBlocs Calculator will help you chose.

All Blocs come with a series connector plate and the ring terminals needed to connect power wires and balance wires.  You get everything you need to connect the Blocs into a battery pack.  You supply your choice of BMS or Hobby charger.  The cells are priced and sold as a convenience and are limited to the number that you need to fill your Blocs.

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