4P-1S Bloc–3.6 Volts




You get two color coded plastic caps, 2 parallel connector plates with 8 neodymium magnets, one nylon bolt, two washers, one nut, two yellow magnet retainers, and a front to back connector.  You get enough ring terminals to connect the balance and power wires.  The “connectors” are used for connecting the blocks to each other.  Front to back connectors are normal and are pictured.  Use the side to side connectors if you want to mount the batteries to a flat surface, making a power wall.

Cells are for illustration purposes, not included!

Additional information

Weight .168 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 1.75 in

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  1. David Reese

    I must say this is a genius idea and should certainly work well. I do have a question or two,however. Will I receive ten sets of the parts for creating ten finished 4 cell blocks? Do you sell 18650 cells, also? I am just a wee bit how to actually place an order for the cells and the block parts.
    Thank you.

    • shawnwiththewind@gmail.com

      Hi David,

      Yes, you will receive all the BatteryBlocs parts needed to build a 10S battery. All the connectors are included. I do sale 18650 cells, they are under the ‘Groceries” tab. So you would place an order for the BatteryBlocs and the cells needed to populate them.

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